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This article was written and tested on Linux 2.4.18, which contains the source code for the Real Tek8139 chip driver.It's very likely that the kernel you are running has the driver compiled either within the kernel itself or as a module.Most architectures allocate new address space each time you call ioremap, and they can run out unless you call iounmap.The part of the interface most used by drivers is reading and writing memory-mapped registers on the device.Some architectures define devices to be at a fixed address, but most have some method of discovering devices.The PCI bus walk is a good example of such a scheme. Instead, to get an address suitable for passing to the functions described below, you should call ioremap.

The read and write functions are defined to be ordered. While the basic functions are defined to be synchronous with respect to each other and ordered with respect to each other the buses the devices sit on may themselves have asynchronocity.

From this point of discussion onwards, it is assumed that you have a working kernel, which does not have driver for Real Tek8139.

You'll also need the technical specifications for the chip, which you can download from

Both read and write accesses are supported; there is no prefetch support at this time.

The functions are named readb, readw, readl, readq, writeb, writew, writel, and writeq.

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This document does not cover how to receive such an address, but assumes you are starting with one. An address suitable for accessing the device will be returned to you.

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