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Mining men dating site

Pat Carragher, chief executive of the British Association of Colliery Management, said: "We acknowledge, particularly given the reduction in production, that our track record in the past five years has been unacceptable.All the employers and unions are acknowledging that our performance over the past five years has been poor.It is far more dangerous than working in public administration and defence, the category that includes police officers and firefighters, for whom the death rate is only 0.3/100,000.

It currently draws in more than billion a year for our state’s economy and provides jobs to more than 30,000 men and women.

This is why Missouri mining is closely tied with the development of the railroad system, as coal was needed to fuel the train engines, and railroads were essential to the transportation of mined materials to processing plants and to market. 1 with more than 90 percent of the nation’s lead production.

Most of the lead produced (80 percent) is used in car batteries – an essential component to our everyday lives – and is otherwise used as a protective barrier against radiation in television and computer screens. 1 in the production of lime, third in zinc, fifth in copper and sixth in silver.

Missouri zinc is used to provide a rust-resistant coating on steel; copper is used to make water pipes and electrical wire; fire-clay is made into refractory brick for steel manufacturing and coats NASA’s launch pads to withstand the heat generated from rockets; lime is used in paper and cement production.

Because mining has such a huge economic impact on not only Missouri, but the nation as a whole, the Missouri Department of Labor takes every step it can to protect this precious industry.

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"Since we had this spike from 2007 all the companies have been very, very proactive on health and safety over the past few years... We just have to get on and up our game." The National Union of Miners has warned that small mines such as the Gleision are at risk of falling below the radar.