Jenson ackles dating

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Jenson ackles dating

Which is why they won't say anything about that vile shit, R18 - they piss off their fans, they end the ride.

Bullshit, waitress defenders, I bet he has to deal with waitress cunts like this all the time who want to show how unimpressed they are by fame.

I would say that it has at least 3 more seasons in it.

R38 years ago I was in a diner in a small town and some douchebag like you walked in and started acting like he owned the place.

He seemed to totally lack any sense of respect towards Hoffman and his family.

Yes we all know usings drugs is terrible but he was acting like everyone should totally disrespect Hoffman, one of the most respected actors around, when everyone was still reeling from the shock.

Why the fuck should we pay and indulge anyone who acts like an asshole while working with the public?You want to avoid those people like the plague, says a lot about their character.[quote]Those two tv actors live in the Supernatural fandom bubble where forty-something fraus treat them as gods.For what it's worth, my 15-year-old niece and her friends are obsessed with this show. Almost every day, she and her friends post on Facebook something SUPERNATURAL related, be it the latest photo of Jensen (or Jared, which some of her friends prefer) or GIFs or memes..I'm not surprised he didn't want to walk away from that contract for Hawkeye (keep in mind this role was cast before Marvel Studios is the force it is now). Now back to the utterly ridiculous post by that idiot from a TV show - he knows full well that this post will mobilise his psychotic fandom to harass this woman.Regardless of what happened I fail to see what would spark this level of narcissistic rant.

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The waitress got fed up and said he should have his food to go and dumped it on his lap. My new fave is Rowena, but I still like Cass and Crowley. I also like how the CW keeps moving it every season and the audience still finds it and sticks with it. R38, how the hell do you know that Padalecki wasn't overreacting? Obviously the waitress could've been a total bitch but then again her friend wrote she didn't know who Padalecki was which might've pissed him off.

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