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We don’t go to restaurants, because they’re too expensive. I’m an only child and live with my dad, a lawyer who works for Reuters as a legal writer and editor.After dinner, I watch Netflix on my cellphone in my room. We have a two-bedroom apartment in the West Village.You can wear acrylic nails, but you can’t wear them long.After school, my parents give me money to grab a slice of pizza and a soda.The 47-year-old told Harry Connick Jr how he doesn't like to Face Time women, preferring the 'old school' approach of texting instead.'I made a mistake texting,' he revealed.'If I got a sweetheart, I’m like, "Hey, girl, thinking about you and miss you." You know, "when I get home from work, wear that little something-something." You know all that little pillow talk.'And I did one of those and I was like, "Girl, when I see you later, oh, yeah, it’s on like Donkey Kong,"...

“The kids in the projects don’t want to just be hemmed in . I live in the Chelsea-Elliot projects, which has six apartment buildings and runs from 25th to 27th Street and from Ninth to Tenth Avenue.To get to school from my dad’s, I usually take the 6 train express from Parkchester to 125th, then transfer to the 4 or 5, then back to the 6, and get the E train at 51st Street and take it to 23rd Street and walk to school. All my classes are hard, but I really like math; we’re learning about ratios now.In social studies, I’m learning about Greek mythology, and in science, I’m learning about the cells of the body.'She was like "look: this is what sex is, this is what drugs is, just be smart about it." She was just honest because she wanted to prepare me.'Upon receiving the text, she ribbed her son: "Shemar, you're such a jackass.In West Chelsea, on 26th Street and 10th Avenue, two worlds intersect.

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