Dating in log loopy love uk

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Dating in log loopy love uk

He was one of the first contributors to this list, and still gets a few words in now and then.

(DRW) JP == Joseph Poutre ([email protected]) Joe Poutre is a good friend, a fellow New Jerseyan, and my co-conspirator on numerous projects.

Peter also deserves credit for persuading WEM to produce an aircraft set for the Revell 1/720 Graf Zeppelin kit. Peeler ([email protected]) Jodie Peeler never fails to impress.

Her knowledge of liners and aircraft carriers (especially Essex class) is truly amazing, but don't think she's limited to just those.

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She knows destroyers as well, and also is very familiar with the N/S Savannah.

(DRW) GH == Gernot Hassenpflug ([email protected]) Gernot is another early contributor to the list.

(DRW) AP == Allan Plumb ([email protected]) Allan was one of my first ship modelling friends on the internet.

We virutally met back in the early 1990s on the newsgroup rec.models.scale.

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I haven't tracked down all the old versions yet, (they go back to the mid 1990s!

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We would even encourage the model companies to read our reviews, so that they can make better kits.

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