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I recently interviewed Terry Gaspard on the Divorce and Your Money Show.She was an excellent interviewee; you can listen to the interview here.The process can be made all the more confusing because of poor, conflicting feedback; you might find this shoddy advice online or hear it from family and friends.Therefore, where do you turn for trustworthy information? There are some reliable blogs and online resources to help you survive the divorce process.

They have a great blog on divorce called Avvo Stories, which covers a wide variety of divorce subjects, usually written by former attorneys, authors, and freelance contributors.They have numerous posts every day, and it can be hard to find information about a specific subject.But overall, it has the most complete information related to divorce anywhere online.Overall, Avvo Stories serves as one-stop shopping for reading, researching, getting answers to questions, and connecting with an attorney.In the Divorced Girl Smiling, Jackie Pilossoph shares her experiences and offers advice since her divorce.

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This website is a great resource for financial guidance when facing a divorce.

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