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In your project tasks list, complete the following columns for each task to provide an update on your project: In addition, you may run into other changes to your project that require updates to your project tasks list.

To import a task list into Project, follow the steps in Add an existing Share Point task list to Project Web App.

Bars on the Gantt chart are drawn using the Start Date and Due Date fields.

Note: If you have some idea of the structure you’d like to create for your tasks – for example, if you know certain sets of tasks fall within phases that you’d like to represent in your project tasks list – you can organize your tasks into summary tasks and subtasks. Tip: If several of your tasks share the same Start Date, Due Date, or data in any other column, you can click once in the cell you want to copy, to display the fill handle, and then drag the bottom right corner of the box down the column to fill the adjacent cells with the copied data.

Top of Page With your tasks added to a project tasks list, the next step is to assign them to people in your organization.

When you assign a person to a task, you identify who is responsible for completing the work on that task.

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